The 2nd International Creative Event Design Competition

February 7, 2025

Lyceum of the Philippines University Laguna Campus, Philippines

The 2nd International
Creative Event Design Competition

What is ICEDC?

The purpose of the 2nd International Creative Event Design Competition (ICEDC) is to offer students from any university, polytechnic, or college, anywhere in the world, the opportunity to develop, and display their skills in creative event design.
All events must be creatively designed to provide truly memorable experiences for their participants. The 2nd ICEDC will enable students from any course to showcase their expertise in designing an event that is truly amazing and awesome.

Who are the Organisers?

ICEDC is being organised by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management (APIEM) in partnership with the Lyceum of the Philippines University Laguna (LPUL). APIEM is Asia Pacific`s #1 Professional Institute for Events Education and LPUL is an APIEM 5* International Centre of Excellence for Teaching and its Event Study Program.

How will ICEDC Operate?

The participating teams will work independently from their home locations to produce their creative event designs. After the designs are submitted our panel of judges will shortlist five teams to go through to the grand final which will take place in hybrid format, hosted, and staged at the Lyceum of the Philippines University Laguna Campus – situated one hour by land transport from Manila.

Your Task

For ICEDC you are to take on the role of a creative event design team. You are to design a one-day event of your own choosing to demonstrate your ability at designing an event that will provide a truly amazing and awesome memorable experience for the participants. THE PARTICIPANTS AT YOUR EVENT WILL BE FROM GENERATION Z.
You have to choose an appropriate venue for your event’s staging and determine what the venue will look like from a design perspective. You have a budget of USD 3,000 to spend on the staging and production of your event, and you have to provide a financial statement of how you have spent the budget. Finally, you have to design a marketing communication strategy that can be implemented to attract participants to your event.

Who can Enter?

To enter ICEDC, university, polytechnic, or college students, in groups of no more than four people, will design an event of their choice and submit it to an expert panel of event professionals for judging.

What is the Entry Fee?

The entry fee for each group of students is USD 120.

What are the Prizes?

Three cash prizes will be offered to the winning teams:
1st prize – USD 500
2nd prize – USD 300
3rd prize – USD 200
All students taking part in ICEDC

Key Dates

30th September 2024 – last date for enrolment in the competition
6th December 2024 – last date for submission of entries
7th February 2025 – final judging of the competition and announcement of prize winners

Learning Outcomes

By taking part in ICEDC students will be able to:

  • Creatively design an event utilizing elements of creative event design
  • Choose an appropriate event venue in which to stage the event
  • Select appropriate techniques for the staging and production of the event
  • Devise a creative social media marketing communication strategy to attract participants to the event
  • Calculate the financial cost of staging the event

Key Skills

The Key Skills that you will develop in ICEDC are:

  • creativity
  • planning and management
  • communication and presentation
  • data collection and interpretation
  • knowledge and understanding
  • employability

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